Karma Cup Mission

“Helping the homeless one cup at a time.”

About Us

Karma Cup serves vegan coffee as a nonprofit to help employ those who are experiencing homelessness. Karma Cup offers on-site barista training, as a job readiness program. Karma Cup’s mission is to bring a coffee shop and a community of compassion, veganism, and ethical business practices to the city of Portland, OR.

We are currently doing pop ups Sunday outside Oasis of Change weekly for our social distancing garden fundraising events. Check out our menu items!  

We will be building a coffee shop soon!



We are practicing social distancing outside Oasis of Change where you can enjoy the garden outdoor seating 6 feet apart from each table and planter boxes. Seating is limited to first come first serve. We sanitize all tables, chairs, and wash all mugs. We also provide to-go cups and encourage others to bring their own cups as well. Gloves and masks are required for every pop up event. If you are not feeling well please stay home and join us for our next pop up when you are ready.

Why should you care?

In Oregon, the unemployment for 2020 has risen to 14.7% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a lack of employment for those who have no jobs or income. Also, there is a lack of employment opportunities for those experiencing homelessness.

There is a need for compassion in Portland.

In 2019 The Point In Time Count for Oregon identified found 4,015 people who met HUD’s definition of homelessness. 
There are several reasons why someone would find themselves homeless, unexpected job loss, lack of emergency funds, no support from family or friends, teens getting kicked out of there houses, teens aging out of the foster care system without being adopted, unexpected events like a house fire, mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, and not able to maintain your rent, just to name a few! Also, there are several reasons why once you are homeless, it is even more difficult to get yourself out of it on your own. In order for anyone to get better, you first must be in a positive, encouraging, and helpful environment. 

Karma Cup’s mission is to provide the following: 

A community with compassion 

Job Coaching and Readiness

Barista/Cafe Training

Resume Experience

Income and Employment 

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